The Team

Darren L. Tun

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Darren co-founded and is the president of the Cinema Society of Binghamton where he developed in-depth lesson plans to teach club members to use DSLR/Mirrorless/Cinema camera equipment and Adobe Creative Suite by producing long-form event and promotional videos for cultural organizations on campus. The “CSB Film Launch Event”, a creative showcase for 24 different Binghamton University artists in music, filmmaking, and photography sparking the creative/artistic community in Binghamton, was his brain child. He pioneered “Self-Made”, a speaker panel featuring self-made entrepreneurs, Ani Sanyal, Bronx Native founder Amaurys Grullon, and rapper Sheck Wes. Darren has worked on podcasts with White House Scientific Advisor Dr. Saralyn Mark and radio host John Tesh. He also hosted interviews with action director Sam Hargrave and martial arts actor Scott Adkins.

– Corona Electric Beach with Brooke Evers (Editor)

– You’re the reason (Director, Cinematographer, Editor) 

– IV Production (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

– Tech Together (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

– Your Heart (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

– Safe-Keeper (Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor)

– The Killer Game (Cinematography)

– Action Filmmaking Decoded Podcast (Host, Producer)

Jojo Cheng

Screenwriter, Producer

Jojo has traditionally worked in finance roles and is passionate about crafting stories that shed light on social issues. She recently directed, co-wrote, and produced a live production, Korean Night 2020, that explored North Korean culture, humanity, and family values. She is on the community service committee in the PwC Scholars program that has worked with Kali’s Klubhouse (an equestrian assisted organization focusing on physical and mental rehabilitation for youth at risk) and is currently working with GiGi’s Playhouse (nationwide down-syndrome nonprofit organization). Jojo is also interested in fashion and is on the marketing team of her university’s fashion business club, where she is in charge of producing Instagram Reels.

Korean Night 2020 (Director, Writer, Producer)

– BU Fashion Society (Content Creator, Director, Editor)

– Your Heart (Story, Stylist))

Michael Messina

Lead Screenwriter, Screenplay Originator

Mike is a storyteller with a passion for screenwriting and social activism. At Binghamton University, Mike played an integral role in developing several short stage plays exploring issues ranging from identity to refugee experiences and more; Mike also worked to establish AO Storytime, an anthology podcast exploring Asian American themes. Mike’s work as a social activist includes time in Washington DC with organizations such as NY Renews, APIA Vote, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice; Mike was also a Binghamton NAACP Gamechanger Award nominee as well as recipient of the Asian Student Union Delta Award and East Coast Asian American Student Union Trailblazer Award. When he isn’t telling stories, Mike is hosting podcasts, training martial arts, listening to hip hop, or rewatching Spike Jonze’s “Her” for the 100th time.

– Korean Night 2020 (Lead Writer, Co-Director)

– Barrio Cultural Showcase 2019 (Lead Writer, Co-Director)

– Asian Night 2019 (Lead Writer, Producer, Co-Director)

– Voter Purge Skit (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

AO Storytime Podcast (Lead Writer, Producer)

– Action Filmmaking Decoded Podcast (Host, Producer)

– Binghamton University Summer Scholars and Artists Program

Richard Chow

Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer

Richard is passionate about marketing and had the opportunity to work with a team creating SEO, social media & email marketing recommendations for small businesses. He also has worked with brands such as Milwaukee on sales and marketing. He has extensive experience with photography and cinematography and has utilized his skills to teach kids over the summer and has applied this passion toward both volunteered and paid work. He is always looking to learn something new that he can then bring into his repertoire of skills to synthesize a new perspective of the world. This hunger for understanding drives him to see the beauty in the technological and relational world we live in. It galvanizes him to create and make connections between things that may not have had connections before to then apply to the projects he’s involved in.

Delta Sigma Pi (VP Marketing, Cinematographer, Photographer)

– Your Heart (Producer, 2nd Camera, Photographer)

– Self-Made (Event Coordinator, Emcee)

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