Amateur Mastermind Productions


Who Are We?

Amateur Mastermind (AM) Productions, started by college students, seeks to produce POC made films & media

Left to Right: Richard, Jojo, Mike, Darren


Binghamton Anti-Asian Hate Rally Documentary

Edit by Darren Tun

Binghamton University (Fall 2021)

On March 27, 2021, the Asian community at Binghamton University organized a rally to raise awareness about an ongoing wave of Asian hate crimes and to demand more of their school administration.

City Lights Coffee Farewell

“Coffee With a Cause”

Directed by Darren Tun & Jojo Cheng

City Church (Spring 2021)

City Church opened City Lights Coffee in February of 2017 serving the Binghamton Community giving students and locals a space to study, work, and gather over coffee. Their mission from the beginning has always been, “Coffee with a Cause” where their profits all to back towards local and global mission projects. With City Lights Coffee temporarily closing, we reflected on the legacy and impact of City Lights with Pastor Shaun, the pastor/director the coffee shop, café patrons and volunteers.

BLM Mural Artist Spotlight – Kristen Nicolemann

Directed by Darren Tun

Black History Month Spotlight (Spring 2021)

We follow visual artist – Kristen Nicolemann, who petitioned to paint the BLM mural at Binghamton. Kristen talks about the process, her inspiration for her work, and what she strives to accomplish as an Black female artist, writer, and mother


Social Horror Short Film

(Currently in Post Production)

This project explores the Asian American Model Minority Myth and its complex layers. We follow Michelle – an Asian American woman conflicted about her career path, who is haunted by a vengeful ghost.

Amateur Hour Podcast

THE RETURN! Life Updates, Family Ghost Stories, and Crazy Plant Horror Films – Amateur Hour (Ep. 7) Amateur Hour

AND WE BACK! This week, we’re kicking off season 2 of the show! We talk about Jojo’s departure from Amateur Mastermind and what’s happened in all of our lives since season 1 ended. We chat about ghosts, specifically Richard’s crazy family history that involved spiritual mediums and fortune telling.  We also trash talk the movie Antz (anyone remember Antz?), namedrop some plant based horror movies (we could only think of 2), and discuss the power of casting and method acting. Some of our favorite examples include Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street and Daniel Day Lewis in, well, every film he’s in.   Tune in to hear about these topics and more… like Darren’s friend who used to walk around with a Venus fly trap and try to make it eat things! – Who are we? Darren is fully invested in a future of cinematography and directing. He is a driven entrepreneur seeking to unite creatives through his initiatives such as the Cinema Society of Binghamton and the "Self-Made" Speaker series. He and Mike currently co-host the "Action Filmmaking Decoded" podcast where they break down action films with big names in the industry. Richard is passionate about the future of technology in marketing, spending his free time honing his skills of photography, cinematography, and more. He enjoys discovering the diverse ways that society is inexplicably connected. Mike is the orchestrator of stories, having written AM Production's latest short "Model." He studied Political Science & Physics all in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the world around him. – Follow Us on our Socials: Website, Instagram, Facebook IG: Darren – @dtunguy Richard – @richiechowchow Mike – @artistmessina
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